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‘One Piece’ Cast Recreates Iconic Manga Cover

Netflix’s live-action One Piece adaptation hits the streamer in just a few days. A new photoshoot from the cast recreates one of the most iconic covers from the series.

Netflix is taking a gamble with One Piece. Adapting one of the most iconic manga of all time after a less-than-stellar track record seems like nothing but trouble. However, it seems as though the streamer may have finally gotten one right, with a new photoshoot from the cast showcasing them recreating one of the most iconic covers from One Piece‘s early days in the form of Volume 11: The Meanest Man In The East.

It seems as though, unlike other live-action Netflix adaptations, One Piece is absolutely dripping with passion from everyone involved. Even series creator Eiichiro Oda is involved with the project and seems positive about its potential. Though with only a few days left until release, time will only tell if the project sinks or swims.

What is One Piece about?

The manga series follows Monkey D. Luffy as he leads his crew of pirates in a search of the world’s ultimate treasure known as the “One Piece” to become the next Pirate King. Their journey brings them to all kinds of exotic islands and oceans across the Grand Line.

The One Piece manga led to a multimedia franchise that includes a festival film produced by Japan’s Production I.G and an anime series from Toei Animation. To date, over 490 million copies of the One Piece manga have been published worldwide.

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