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one piece It is one of the most beloved stories by manga and anime fans. When it was said that Netflix had plans to adapt it as a live action series, fans were convinced that it was a new recipe for disaster, since other similar projects of the company had failed terribly. The first official images and trailers seemed to do justice to the vision of Eiichiro Oda , but the public remained skeptical until the end. Now what One Piece- 90% It has finally reached the streaming service’s catalog, viewers have been delighted with the result and are already calling it the best adaptation of an anime and a manga in all of history.

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ode created one piece to be able to approach the subject of pirates that obsessed him since he was a child from an adventure angle similar to the first volumes of dragonball, one of his favorite stories. Despite these influences, he managed to create a world so particular and unique that it continues to grow with each new saga he publishes. After so many years, the characters have grown, the crew has found more members, and the anime has become one of the longest running and most beloved by the public.

Hollywood wants to exploit the fandom for ‘One Piece’

Like most classic comics, manga have amazing scenes that can be a great visual guide for an adaptation, but things aren’t as simple as copying the moment and that’s it. This is what Hollywood still does not understand about this format, as it takes a very superficial position in its attempt to transfer the idea to the West. This has generated some rather clumsy decisions that immediately alienate fans, such as Goku attending high school in Dragon Ball Evolution – 14%or completely change the personalities of Light and L in Death Note- 40%.

Iñaki Godoy is Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece (Source: IMDb)

Despite years of accumulating failures, Hollywood insisted on finding the ideal recipe, because in the end we are talking about franchises with millions of followers around the world. With The Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya – The Beginning – 5% and Cowboy Bebop – 67% like more recent examples, it was natural for fans of one piece decided to keep their expectations low and their doubts present. When the first reviews were released, which were quite positive, the live action series finally found the momentum it needed for its premiere.

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Despite having to make some changes to the story to be able to fast forward with its 8 episodes, one piece stays pretty faithful to the original story where Monkey D. Luffy (Inaki Godoy) seeks to seize the treasure of Gol D. Roger to become the king of the pirates. His journey will lead him to meet other young people with equally strong dreams, like Koby (Morgan Davies), who wants to join the Navy to help people; Nami (Emily Rudd), who wants to save his village and draw a detailed map of the whole world; zoro (Mackenyu), who wants to be the best swordsman in the world; Usopp (Jacob Gibson), who wants to be a brave adventurer; and Sanji (taz skylar), who wants to find the Infinite Blue, a space where the oceans collide and all marine species come together.

Fans say that ‘One Piece’ is the best adaptation of a manga in history

In the end, the fans were very satisfied with this first season, and many are already asking for the second. The general opinion is that the work of the protagonists is especially powerful and reflects well what has been seen in the manga and anime; besides that the production work was quite good to portray this world.

And as a One Piece fan I am more than happy that it is doing well and that people are liking it, that new audiences can get to know even a beautiful story and that they are encouraged to watch the anime. Thank you very much Oda and Netflix for bringing us a tremendous gem.

OMG, One Piece live action on Netflix is ​​so really made me fall in love with One Piece all over again.

Is incredible. One Piece is wonderful in all its versions, both animated, on paper, and in live (love) action

One Piece (Live Action). We definitely won. What am I going to say, my personality is based 90% on this work and they have made the best adaptation that could be asked for.

Mackenyu was definitely born to be Zoro… oh my! look at him

One Piece Episode 1 on Netflix was everything I hoped it would be and more. The jokes work. The set, costume, and prop design is consistently phenomenal. Every fight scene is a new kind of hit. Iñaki just *is* Luffy.

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