Padres pitcher Robert Suárez ejected after sticky substance check


SAN DIEGO — Padres relief pitcher Robert Suárez was ejected from the game Wednesday against the Miami Marlins after a sticky substance check.

Suárez, who was replacing Steven Wilson in the top of the eighth inning, got looked at by the umpires prior to entering the game. However, Suárez was shortly tossed out following the substance check.

Tom Cosgrove ended up pitching the eight inning instead of Suárez.

Major League Baseball umpires usually perform a substance check after every inning and when a new pitcher is brought into the game.

It is uncertain at this time what Suárez possessed to prompt the ejection.

Suárez will be suspended for 10 games, according to a rule Major League Baseball implemented in June 2021 to crack down against players using illegal foreign substances to doctor baseballs. Suárez can, however, appeal the suspension, per Padres manager Bob Melvin.

The Padres would be limited to 25 players during Suárez’s suspension if it holds, according to MLB.

Suárez, who had missed the first half of the season with an elbow injury, posted a 4.73 ERA in 13 appearances this season.

The Padres went on to win their home game matchup against the Marlins 4-0.


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