Photos: Angelfish gets CT scan at Denver Zoo



DENVER (KDVR) — Have you ever seen a fish receive medical care? Check this one off the list of strange things.

A fish at the Denver Zoo received a CT scan when staff noticed a change in its behavior.

After animal care specialists in the zoo’s Tropical Discovery habitat noticed the French angelfish had trouble swimming and floating, it was taken to the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Animal Hospital for an exam, the zoo said on Instagram.

The fish was sedated, tucked in between a sponge and had water intermittently run over its gills while veterinarians examined it and performed a CT scan.

After the scan, the fish received a treatment plan.

“We’re happy to share that this little fish was on a treatment plan and is now back to happily swimming in its Tropical Discovery home,” the zoo said on Instagram. “Our animal care and health teams will continue to monitor this fabulous fish.”

One person commented on Denver Zoo’s Instagram, “I want to be on that fish’s insurance.”

The angelfish is swimming alongside one of the newest residents at the Tropical Discovery habitat. The zoo announced Monday on Instagram that a Sulawesi forest turtle hatchling had joined the zoo family a little less than two months ago. The species originates from Sulawesi in Indonesia and is considered a critically endangered species.

In addition to the turtle, the zoo community grew even bigger on Aug. 25 with the birth of a baby from the mandrill troop of monkeys. Photos of mom Kumani and her new baby were posted on the zoo’s Instagram on Tuesday.

The zoo’s animal hospital cares for over 3,000 animals.

“From the tiniest tree frog to a full-grown grizzly bear, we’re proud to offer the highest level of care to our animal residents!” the zoo said in its Instagram post.

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