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In the cinematic realm, shared universes and sprawling franchises have taken on a new lease of life in recent years. A peculiar and fascinating example of this is Predator: The prey – 97%, the horror adventure film that breaks away from the traditional Predator approach and shines with its own style. In a recent interview on the podcast Little Gold Men (via Vanity Fair), director Dan Trachtenberg shared his thoughts on this unusual movie journey and how he conceived his leading lady.

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For Trachtenberg, who previously wowed viewers with 10 Cloverfield Avenue – 90%, the idea of ​​delving into the Predator universe was a challenge that he embraced with enthusiasm. He harnessed powerful storytelling and performances to transform the claustrophobic drama of his debut into a sci-fi cinematic experience. However, his foray into Predator: The prey was presented with an even bolder twist.

While Shane Black was working on his version of the franchise in 2017 with The predator – 41%, Trachtenberg proposed an idea that surprised the industry. He presented a concept set in the 18th century, with a Comanche protagonist, connected to the vast universe of Predator in a unique and surprising way. Although this approach was radically different, the risk was worth it when Predator: The prey premiered on Hulu last year, garnering praise for its storytelling and performances, especially that of Amber Midthunder.

Amber Midthunder in Predator: The Prey (2022), 20th Century Studios.

What was the key to the success of Predator: The prey?

the originality of Predator: The prey, led her to be nominated six times at the Emmy Awards. Trachtenberg is in a unique position as the only film director to compete in the limited series and motion picture directors category, as well as being nominated for screenplay alongside patrick aisonthe co-writer of the film.

The key to the success of Predator: The prey, according to Trachtenberg, lies in his singular approach to telling a story that can be appreciated by diverse audiences. The film was envisioned to be a stand-alone entry into the Predator universe, allowing new viewers to explore the world without the need for extensive prior experience with the franchise. For Trachtenberg, this not only enhances the viewer experience, but also helps make the film an achievement in itself.

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I’ve worked on big time travel movies and heist movies, and those things can be very complicated. And this movie was so elemental to its core that even before the Fox-Disney merger happened, I kept saying it’s like an R-rated Disney princess movie. It’s like a Pixar movie.

Trachtenberg’s innovative approach was not only limited to the narrative, but also to the central character. The protagonist, a Comanche woman named Naru, was designed to be more than just a liaison to the Predator universe. Trachtenberg revealed that he early on envisioned Naru as a “Disney princess,” a character with an independent story and struggle before the elements of the genre emerged. The director compares Naru to Disney princesses, with her personal struggle and her desire to overcome adversity. This approach elevates Naru above being just a cog in the genre’s machinery and turns her into a central figure that viewers can emotionally connect with.

The success of recent films like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 – 85% and barbie- 88% it has influenced the industry to embrace risks and allow films to stand out on their unique merits. Trachtenberg sees this as a time for innovation and imagination in film, and hopes that this approach will continue to be appreciated and encouraged.

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In a universe full of sequels and spin-offs, Predator: The prey stands as a refreshing example of how a franchise can reinvent itself and wow viewers. The distinctive approach of Dan Trachtenberg and his vision of Naru as a Disney princess in an unexpected setting have succeeded in creating a film that transcends expectations and demonstrates how a fresh perspective can breathe new life into an established franchise.

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