Rare blue supermoon captures eyes of San Diegans


SAN DIEGO — Locals were in for a treat Wednesday evening as the San Diego skies revealed a rare blue supermoon.

A blue moon is when the full moon is seen twice in a single month while a supermoon is when the moon is at or near its closes point to earth at the same time as it is full, according to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

With Wednesday’s full moon just 222,043 miles or so away, it became the closest full moon of the year. It was 100 miles closer than the Aug. 1 supermoon.

Also visible alongside the moon, Saturn could be seen as a bright point 5 degrees to the upper right of the moon at sunset in the east-southeastern sky, per NASA.

FOX 5 captured a mesmerizing timelapse of the blue supermoon (in the video player above).

Viewers from Oceanside to Escondido to Coronado sent in photos to FOX 5 of the rare sight, which can be found in the slideshow below:

  • Blue supermoon
  • Blue supermoon
  • Blue supermoon in Coronado
  • Blue supermoon in Escondido

For those who missed it in person, they have another shot to see a regular supermoon next month while the next blue supermoon won’t be until 2037.


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