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Jeff Jarrett gave his opinion on the English fighter Grado working on AEW All In.

Double-J spoke about this topic during the last edition of his podcast My World where he discussed the promotional stunt they pulled earlier in the year to create Grado’s place in the show, where Grado got revenge on Jarrett by smashing his head in with a guitar. Jarrett also clarified that they were never scheduled to have a match on the show despite what some reports said.

In the promotional stunt that was pulled off, there was no master plan for where it was going to go or where it was going. I have to tell Tom Campbell of Cultaholic, he heard that Jarrett-Grado (would be a match)… I can assure listeners this, a Jarrett-Grado singles match, I don’t think it’s ever been discussed. He is not on the AEW roster.

Jarrett reveals that at one point there was talk of a multi-man tag team match, but it never came to fruition. He added that the pop Grado got was a great moment in a great show.

He could have been in the corner, maybe a six-man group, at one point there was an eight-man group, at one point there was a ten-man discussion, all sorts of different things. At the end of the day, there was a lot of talk about it. Old Tom led the charge and got to work. The amount of buzz on social media that had taken place in the previous seven days, my goodness. When Grado’s video wall appeared, what a roar (from the fans). It was a big bang. Big moment.

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