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RIIZE Sungchan Will get Praised by Ok-Netz Over Comment – However Why Are Japanese Followers Upset? – Latest trending news | Hot Celebrities News


While Koreans are praising Sungchan over his recent remark, Japanese fans were upset after the idol allegedly made offensive gesture towards his co-member, Shotaro.

RIIZE Sungchan Refuses To Eat Sushi, Upsets Japanese Fans 

Following a recent anecdote with RIIZE Sungchan, Japanese fans expressed their disappointment over the idol.

On September 3, the group attended the pre-recording of their prologue song, “Memories,” for MBC’s music program, “Show! Music Core.”

On this day, the members communicated with fans amid ments during breaks and Sungchan went on by sharing that he couldn’t eat pizza for dinner because it would be too heavy.

(Photo : Sungchan (Kpop Wiki))

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When there were fans who tried to recommend sushi as a dinner menu during the music show, Sungchan firmly declined by saying:

“Oh, right. Nowadays, we shouldn’t eat sushi.”

An anecdote spread that the idol even gestured “X” with his hand to express strong refusal.

While it was also noted that fans and the members laughed and were having a good time interacting, Japanese fans were indignant at the remark made by a multinational group that included Japanese member Shotaro.

Sungchan and Shotaro Leaving NCT Sparks Controversy: A Look at Public Sentiment

(Photo : Nate)
Sungchan and Shotaro

Japanese fans were upset that Sungchan made the remark that “belittled” Japan in front of the Japanese member and even laughed loudly with the Korean members and fans.

They stated:

  • “This is why South Korea and Japan cannot have a good relationship.”
  • “Did you forget that Shotaro (a member of the same team) is Japanese?”

RIIZE Sungchan Praised for Awareness About Social Issues

NCT Shotaro · Sungchan, dandy 'Autumn Suit'

(Photo : Esquire)

Apparently, Sungchan refused to eat sushi for dinner not because he didn’t like it in particular, but because recently, Japan has been discharging nuclear contaminated/treated radioactive water from Fukushima back into the Pacific Ocean; thus, Koreans have been protesting against the foreign country.

Sungchan, who was actually a huge fan of sushi, was then praised for not recommending it for now and K-netizens were pleased.

  • “It’s better.”
  • “It’s absurd to spray contaminated water on the sea while causing inconvenience and being considerate of Japanese people.”
  • “Even Japanese members would not want to eat sushi now.”

What are your thoughts about this?

Meanwhile, SM rookie boy group RIIZE is set to release their first single album, “Get A Guitar,” which will be released on September 4. 


(Photo : Twitter|@kchartsmaster@)

Ahead of their official debut, a prologue song titled, “Memories,” was dropped on August 21, teasing their own genre, “Emotional Pop.”

RIIZE is a seven-member multinational group with Korean members Eunseok, Sungchan, Wonbin, Seunghan, Sohee, and Anton. They are comprised of members who are Korean, have dual Korean-American nationality, as well as Japanese.

The team’s name combines the English words “Rise” and “Realize,” which means, “a team that grows together and realizes dreams.”

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Written by Eunice Dawson.


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