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Ryan Gosling Despatched Greta Gerwig a ‘Barbie’ Flash Mob of Kens Singing ‘I’m Simply Ken,’ and She Laughed So Onerous She Cried: ‘That Was So Stunning’ – Latest trending news | Hot Celebrities News


Greta Gerwig celebrated her 40th birthday just as “Barbie” was getting ready to cross the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office. The feat has made “Barbie” the first movie solo directed by a female filmmaker to cross the box office milestone. The director’s “Barbie” star Ryan Gosling marked the occasion by sending her a flash mob of Kens and Barbies singing songs from the film’s popular soundtrack.

In a video shared to the official “Barbie” movie Instagram page, Gerwig laughs in tears of joy as she is unexpectedly ambushed by a “Barbie” flash mob. The group sings the power ballad “I’m Just Ken,” which has given Gosling his first Billboard Hot 100 hit, before transitioning into the Dua Lipa pop hit “Dance the Night.” The caption for the post reads: “Sometimes the only way to express your feelings is through song & dance! Ken Ryan sent these special Barbies and Kens to start Greta’s birthday with all the feelings!”

“That was so beautiful,” Gerwig is heard asking the dancers while wiping tears off her face. “Who are you?”

Gerwig mentioned that she had “no idea” who could’ve sent such a gift, to which she is told it was the “bagpiper.” This is a reference to Gosling’s present prior to the filming of “Barbie.” All of the actors playing Barbies in the movie got together for a sleepover, but the Ken actors were not allowed to stay the night. Gosling decided to send over a man playing bagpipes who recited a famous speech from “Braveheart.”

Variety previously spoke to “Barbie” soundtrack producer Mark Ronson about cutting Gosling’s “I’m Just Ken” track, which has become one of the most viral songs from the film.

“It was so crazy,” Ronson said about the song’s production. “[Ryan Gosling is] a huge star of this movie and only has three hours on a Tuesday afternoon to cut the vocals. He just went in and as he started to get warmed up I was like, ‘This guy is going to murder this song!’ Of course he would.”

Ronson continued, “I’m so psyched. We worked on it for about a year after he did the vocals. After I sent him the final version, with Slash on it, he was psyched and satisfied, which is what you want to do when you’re making a sound for someone.”

“Barbie” is now playing in theaters nationwide from Warner Bros.


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