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Rylan shares well being replace on mum Linda after surgical procedure – Latest trending news | Hot Celebrities News


Rylan Clark has given fans an update on his mum Linda’s health after

she had a nasty fall and subsequently underwent surgery.

The TV and radio presenter shared a photo on his Instagram page showing Linda in a hospital chair with a cast on her leg. He wrote: “Someone is out of the bed and in a chair. She can’t believe how many people have sent messages.

“Thanks everyone. Will update you all with more as I can.”

The day before, Rylan shared another post revealing that his mum was out of surgery and joked she had “deffo come round”, since she asked her son if she could “still have a new driveway”.

Linda’s fall happened while the duo were on holiday, her first in years, and she had to have surgery out there.

Rylan explained at the time that he wasn’t sure if Linda’s other health conditions would affect her recovery, but added that it does make things “more complicated.”

Linda has become famous for appearing alongside her son on Celebrity Gogglebox, although she’s had to miss out on some series due to health issues.

Back in 2019, Rylan said: “My mum has suffered all my life from severe Crohn’s Disease and I don’t think Crohn’s gets spoke about as much as it [should]. I nearly lost my mum last year, again. For the third time.”

He also explained that this is the reason the duo have turned down “hundreds of things” they’ve been asked to do together, including a travel show.

It was recently announced that Rylan and Rob Rinder (aka Judge Rinder) would be hosting a travel show together, which will see the pair follow in the footsteps of British aristocrats such as Lord Byron and focus on the rich cultural history of Italy.

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