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Seth Rollins believes that wrestling is in a boom period.

The WWE World Heavyweight Champion recently appeared on After the Bell with Corey Graves with WWE Payback 2023 just around the corner and discussed the health of the industry.

“We are in the boomman,” Rollins said on the show. “You have to understand, there is another company that just put 80,000 people in a stadium for one night. A week before that, we sold 90,000 tickets to WrestleMania and broke the all-time record on the first day.”

“There are seven or eight different pro wrestling TV shows in a week, not counting the premium live events or PPVs. The roster of talent across the board is beyond anything any generation has put forth.”

“I’m not going to take anything away from the guys who paved the way, I stand on the shoulders of these fighters.”

“The business is bigger than ever, it generates more money than ever, it is healthier. The future of the business is very bright and I am very happy to be a part of it in any capacity,” Rollins continued.

The women’s division can improve

Rollins also spoke about the desire of the WWE audience to develop new stars in the women’s division. He specifically mentioned Zoey Stark, Chelsea Green, and Piper Niven as those who could play bigger roles in the near future.

“I’m not saying that these people come from NXT, you never know, it may be someone who steps up, a Chelsea Green, a Piper Niven, you never know. There are tons of capable women on our main roster right now. “

“It’s a lot like this: ‘We want something more from women and we know it’s there and we can’t wait to see it,’ but there’s a growing intrigue, a growing desire to see it.”

However, Rollins went on to say that WWE’s female talent has not been at its best in recent months.

“I felt like Monday (Lynch vs. Starks) was a great reminder of what they are capable of. I am going to be frank with you, you have not put yourself on display as well as you could have in the last six months,” he continued.


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