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Sound of Freedom – 58% is undoubtedly one of the most controversial releases of the year and continues to amaze with its popularity and soaring box office. The movie starring Jim Caviezel in the role of a former National Security agent who embarks on a high-risk mission to rescue children from a Colombian trafficking network has generated all kinds of reactions due to its serious tone, especially from a sector that has been concerned about what that the movie shows. However, Sound of Freedom did not convince critics and debuted with a negative rating.

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The film directed by Alejandro Monteverde and produced by Eduardo Verastegui it has generated a lot of criticism for the way it proceeds in various aspects. Sonido de Libertad has already been involved in controversy because it has been linked to conspiracy theories of the QAnon group and Jim Caviezel said he was unaware of those theories while filming the movie, but later Newsweek reported that in a podcast he compared people who believe in the theory to Christians persecuted by the Pharisees and correctly stated that there had been links between the KKK and members of Congress, but was wrong to say that congressmen had not persecuted them or to the Nazis and “only to QAnon”.

Although the film’s success has been achieved thanks to its popularity on the more conservative side of the political spectrum, it doesn’t have much to do with that realm. That is why the negative reviews it has received are more directed at the way it has been marketed. sound of freedom and the call for attention that he has received from organizations that are in charge of helping people who have survived trafficking networks. At the end of the film there is a message in which the public is asked to spread the word about the film and buy more tickets so that everyone can see it, but at no time is it about raising awareness about the issue and collaborating with those who always help the victims. That is one of the many criticisms that this production has received.

Rating of the critic of ‘Sound of freedom’ (Credit: The USA Print)

What does the review of Sonido de Libertad say?

The negative rating with which it debuts Sound of Freedom – 58% it’s also because there’s too much wrong with the “creative front” that doesn’t allow the story to entertain for its two hours. Critics also mention that the performances are bad and that the Jim Caviezel it is “shy” in the face of how much it has been promoted. Empire magazine points out that the impact of the film is destroyed by that manipulative moment in the middle of the credits where the protagonist says that the best way to end child trafficking is to buy as many tickets as possible.

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The AU Review reinforces what is mentioned above by saying that the film is disappointing in terms of its technical execution and that it speaks to an important issue with a skewed and manipulative view. Among the positive points, it is agreed that the director Alejandro Monteverde it makes the most of a modest budget to work on the story, but there are really very few details that critics mention as worth noting.

Anti-trafficking experts have been very strong in their words towards this film because they are concerned about how it provides a “false perception” of child trafficking and promotes “rescue” tactics that can actually put danger to actual victims. In addition to this problematic depiction, it has also been very disturbing to see how the film glorifies rescue missions, while ignoring the investigative work behind it and the fact that they are often dangerous and often unethical.

Until now, sound of freedom has grossed more than $180 million worldwide, becoming a sleeper hit of 2023 despite negative critical ratings and comments about this dangerous view of child trafficking.

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