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A few weeks have passed since the premiere of Sound of Freedom – 60% in American movie theaters and the controversy around it remains. The film addresses the sensitive issue of child trafficking and human trafficking networks, opening a debate in the northern country that has attracted fans of conspiracies, QAnon and defenders of the extreme right. Vice News reports that many actual survivors of human trafficking have begun to be harassed by fans of the film, who often seek to dismiss their experiences.

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Directed by Alejandro Monteverde and starring Jim Caviezel, sound of freedom is based on the true story of Tim Ballarda former federal agent who in previous years infiltrated a human trafficking network, managing to rescue some children, but discovering the enormous rot that is hidden in these organizations, ignored or supported by the governments of the world.

sound of freedom had many problems reaching the billboard due to copyright issues, however, the efforts and economic cooperation of thousands of people made possible the distribution of the material through Angel Studios. Very soon it will arrive in Latin America, but it is in the United States where the greatest controversy has arisen.

Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard (Source: The Epoch Times)
Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard (Source: The Epoch Times)

Sound of Freedom, an answer or another dead end?

Vice rescues the testimonies of some survivors of trafficking, who have dedicated their lives to combat trauma and offer rehabilitation opportunities to those who have gone through the same experience. stands out Sabra Boydjournalist, consultant and survivor of child labor and sex trafficking, who after the launch of sound of freedom has had to deal with fans of the film:

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When fans of the QAnon movie called me a pedophile because I dared to criticize that the movie didn’t hire any survivors to help write the script or consult, I cried for an hour. I can’t understand why they said that, especially to a survivor of child trafficking. I don’t understand why fans of the movie would rather listen to Tim Ballard than the real survivors of trafficking. But the problem is that the solutions to human and child trafficking are not as exciting as an action movie.

Jose Lewis Alfaroa survivor of sex and labor trafficking who now works as a consultant and lived experience expert on trafficking issues, also shared his confrontations with supporters of sound of freedom:

If I publicly share something that goes against the film, I get a lot of insults and a lot of backlash. It’s really interesting to me how people are more than willing to listen to a rich man’s superhero story and are unwilling to trust and listen to those who have actually lived it. (…) People have told me ‘You weren’t trafficked, you wanted it, you probably liked it because you’re gay.’ Horrible things like that. I’m seeing the same thing happen talking about your movie. People tell me, ‘You’re a dealer, you’re a predator.’ These are all QAnon conspiracy theories, and people tell those who disagree with the movie. It’s like, do you even know what I’ve experienced in my life?

With a budget of only US $14 million, sound of freedom it’s already a hit with its gross of US$178 million. The film intends to reach more markets around the world and remain in the spotlight. It is worth mentioning that its appeal has gradually turned more towards controversy than towards the problem of trafficking itself, a true evil that requires severe attention from governments and the world’s media, but for some reason they choose to ignore .

sound of freedom It will hit Mexican movie theaters on August 31.

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