Ted Cruz’s beer stunt sparks avalanche of jokes, mockery

Senator Ted Cruz has sparked a wave of jokes and mockery online after commenting, “If they want us to drink two beers a week, frankly, they can kiss my a**,” and proceeding to drink from a beer bottle, during a live television interview.

Cruz’s remarks follow the suggestion by Dr. George Koob, director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), that U.S. government alcohol policy could move “toward Canada” where citizens are only recommended to drink two alcoholic drinks a week.

Claims the Biden administration wants to limit beer drinking to “two beers a week” are the latest in the culture war controversy involving alcoholic beverages. In April, many including conservative activists began boycotting Bud Light after the beer producer sent transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney a personalized can to celebrate her “Day 365 of Girlhood.” During the four-week period ending July 1, Bud Light revenue sales decreased by 28 percent compared to the same period in 2022.

In an interview with Daily Mail, published on August 24, Koob was asked how U.S. alcohol guidelines could change in 2025, when they are due to be revised. He responded: “I mean, they’re not going to go up, I’m pretty sure.

“So, if [alcohol consumption guidelines] go in any direction, it would be toward Canada.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz
Sen. Ted Cruz on July 19, 2023, in Washington, D.C. Cruz has been mocked online after saying the government can “kiss my a**” if they recommend Americans only drink two alcoholic drinks a week.
GETTY/Anna Moneymaker

Recently, the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction released guidelines recommending people only have two alcoholic drinks per week “to avoid alcohol-related consequences for yourself or others.”

Cruz, a Texas Republican, hit back during an appearance on the conservative network Newsmax.

Addressing host Eric Bolling, he said: “They’re trying to go after and regulate ceiling fans, I got to tell you—it’s hot in Texas, we don’t want to get rid of our ceiling fans, and now these idiots have come out and said drink two beers a week, that’s their guideline. Well, I’ve got to tell you, if they want us to drink two beers a week, frankly, they can kiss my a**.”

Cruz then opened and took a sip from a bottle of beer, as did a group of men standing behind him.

A clip of Cruz’s remarks was shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, by the Acyn account which covers U.S. politics, where it received 2.1 million views. Newsweek has contacted Cruz for comment via the online contact form on his official website.

The video sparked widespread mockery on X, with writer Thor Benson labeling Cruz “the phoniest person alive.”

Sawyer Hackett, who describes himself as a “Democratic strategist and consultant,” added: “This is the corniest s*** I’ve ever seen.

“[Princeton] grad Ted Cruz tries to look like a tough guy about a fake story – dropping a ‘kiss my a**’ and taking a sip of beer in unison with his tough guy ‘friends.'”

YouTuber Mr. Beat, who has over 830,000 subscribers on the platform, sarcastically replied: “Wow he is so relatable. He really is ‘just one of us’ common folk. Gee golly.”

Not everyone was critical of the politician, with one X user Jones replying, “You, Sir, have my respect! This was the best post I’ve seen in a while,” after Cruz shared the video himself.

On the other hand, Ron Filipkowski, a former federal prosecutor and editor of the news outlet MeidasTouch, wrote: “This is absolutely the most Ted Cruz thing I have seen since he was trying not to be filmed in the airport to Cancun.”

Democratic National Committee chair Jaime Harrison was also a critic, tweeting: “Have you ever met someone who just tries so damn hard… everything he does is cringe… everything he does is fake.”

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