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Ten World Premieres Chosen for Busan Movie Competition’s Korean Cinema Immediately Part – Latest trending news | Hot Celebrities News

Ten Korean independent films will have their world premiere in the Busan International Film Festival’s Korean Cinema Today section.

Selectors said on Friday that this year’s crop are films that “delve into profound themes of life, agony, family affection, and personal introspection, inviting audiences to contemplate their meaning.” They add that, “the imaginative depiction of a diverse array of stories, free from the typical rules of genre, adds anticipation.”

Delivery presents a “suspenseful irony” as an affluent couple deal with infertility and a young, financially struggling couple face an unplanned pregnancy. 

“FAQ” is a comic fantasy where an elementary schoolchild innocently picks up a bottle of Korean rice wine or makgeolli at a field camp and then gets to know the secrets of the world through alcohol. “Isle of Snakes,” is a whimsical, mysterious tale of three men shipwrecked on an uninhabited island.

“Sorigouldari: The Sound Underpass,” combines performance art and docu-fiction and sees a group of artists convene to stop the impending apocalypse. House of the Seasons, in contrast, is a structured observation of a family of tofu makers spanning three generations. “The Berefts” sees three people pretend to be a family in order to solve their housing problem.

“Work to Do” examines the dilemmas facing a HR staff member tasked with laying off other workers. “The Guest” involves the close quarters confrontation between a murderer and fugitives in a rundown motel.
In previous years, the section has showcased several films that have gone on to achieve Korean commercial release and international festival play. Last year’s “Birth,” directed by Yoo Ji-young, went on to win the Proxima Grand Prix at this year’s Karlovy Vary festival.
The festival runs Oct. 3-13.

Korean Cinema Today Section at 2023 Busan Festival

“The Berefts” dir. Jeong Beom Hur Jang
“Concerning My Daughter” dir. Lee Mirang
“Delivery” dir. Jang Min-joon
“FAQ” dir. Kim Da-min
“The Guest” dir. Yeon Jaegwang
“House of the Seasons” dir. Oh Jung-min
“Isle of Snakes” dir. Kim Eu-min
“Last Summer” dir. Choi Seung-woo
“Sorigouldari: The Sound Underpass” dir. Gupasu Ryunhoi
“Work to Do” dir. Park Hong-jun.

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