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The historic house Sotheby’s presents at auction this week one of the most iconic pieces of Lady Di’s wardrobe. Baptized as “Black Sheep”, in honor of the black sheep that blends with the flock in its print, the sweater has been missing for decades and now, after its discovery, it could sell for more than 70,000 euros.

The piece, like many others in the Princess of Wales’s wardrobe, caused a stir because of the double meaning attributed to the black sheep and why Diana made it one of her favorite garments. So much so, that when a few stitches came loose on her sleeve, Diana sent a letter to her designers Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne of Warn & Wonderful Knitwear asking them to fix it or send her one just like it.

Nezha Bernoussi, marketing and communication associate at Sotheby’s, has analyzed this Monday the garment included in the inaugural sale of Fashion Icons


As a loose stitch has a bad arrangement, the dressmakers decided to send a new one to Lady Di and keep the original safe. Hidden next to a cotton bedspread, in a box at the bottom of her attic, the designers recently came across the historic piece and decided to put it up for auction.

Nezha Bernoussi, marketing and communication associate at Sotheby’s, has analyzed the legendary garment, included in the inaugural Fashion Icons sale on Monday. According to the London house, it is estimated that the price of the jersey, which Diana of Wales used on several occasions, ranges at auction between 46,000 and 70,000 dollars and its online bidding will start next Thursday, August 31, and will close on September 14. .


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