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Colonial Cuba, post-war Spain or the idyllic island of Utakos are just some of the settings that literary rentrée brings us closer to. An avalanche of titles in the Spanish language will soon arrive in bookstores to allow the reader to continue traveling to new worlds after the summer holidays.

The new novels by Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Mario Vargas Llosa, Camila Sosa Villada, Santiago Posteguillo, Carmen Mola, Pilar Eyre, Xavi Puig and Juan Gómez-Jurado are just some of the highlights of the season that will delight readers . Some make their debut and others hope to expand their audience, but if they have something in common, it is that they all promise hours of entertainment and never take their eyes off the pages. There are always new universes to explore. Ready? Have a good trip!

‘The final problem’ (Alfaguara)

Arturo Perez-Reverte

A storm keeps nine people isolated in a hotel where the tourist Edith Mander appears dead. The writer poses an enigma worthy of Christie and Sherlock Holmes himself. Or someone who uses his own deductive method, like Hopalong Basil, a decadent actor who once played the most famous detective on the screen. September 5

‘Hell’ (Planet)

carmen mola

The winners of the 2021 Planeta Prize invite the reader to delve into the revolutionary Madrid of the 19th century, in the midst of an army uprising against Queen Elizabeth II; and in colonial Cuba, where slavery is still very much alive. A historical thriller with a plot that does not lack murders, plot twists, brutality and, also, a great unconventional love story. 4th of October

Carmen Mola is the pseudonym of the writers Antonio Santos Mercero, JOrge Diaz and Agustin Martinez

Carmen Mola is the pseudonym of the writers Antonio Santos Mercero, Jorge Díaz and Agustín Martinez

Emilia Gutiérrez / Own

‘The Innocents’ (Fate)

Maria Oruna

The Galician writer publishes the sixth installment of the saga ‘The books of the hidden port’. Lieutenant Valentina Redondo returns to action with a wedding involved, hers. But she, in full preparations, is surprised by the news of a massive attack in the Water Temple of the famous Puente Viesgo spa. September 13th

‘I dedicate my silence’ (Alfaguara)

Mario Vargas Llosa

The Nobel Prize for Literature returns to the novel with a work that mixes fiction and essay and that has Toño Azpilcueta as its protagonist, an expert in Creole music who, after meeting the guitar virtuoso Lalo Molfino, wonders how it is possible, through the art and music, generate an idea of ​​a country capable of provoking a social revolution. October 26th

‘A question for Elena’ (Fate)

marga dura

The Barcelona author writes the first novel about Elena Francis, one of the mythical characters of Spain in the 50s thanks to her radio office, from which no one ever suspected that a hoax could be hidden. In its pages, Durá pays homage to radio and its pioneers, with a turbulent Barcelona broken by post-war misery as a background. 4th of October

‘Ladies, gentlemen and planets’ (Random House)

Laura Fernandez

Mutant detectives, ghost journalists or office dinosaurs are some of the peculiar beings that star in the collected stories that the author has written over the last fifteen years. All of them seem taken from another planet, but Fernández shows that they could well inhabit ours. October 5th


The writer Laura Fernández publishes ‘Ladies, gentlemen and planets’

prickly mane

‘I will not see you die’ (Seix Barral)

Antonio Munoz Molina

A frustrated passion for life and a beautiful portrait of old age are part of the proposal by the Ubetense author, who shows that almost nothing is forever. Not even the passionate story between Adriana Zuber and Gabriel Aristu, two lovers who put their hand in the fire that their love was going to be eternal. August 30th

‘Diaries. At times lost 5 and 6’ (Anagram)

Rafael Chirbes

A few years after the death of the writer, part of his diaries came into the hands of the reader, which he himself reviewed and prepared for publication. The third and final volume arrives in September. Texts forged with his own handwritten notes between 2007 and 2015, key years of his literary creation, which account for the trade of writing and living. September 13th


The writer Rafael Chirbes, in a file image

Ana Jiménez / Own

‘The farewells’ (Asteroid Books)

Jacobo Bergareche

Can a memory change our life? This is the premise with which the author starts in his new novel, which comes after the success of the perfect days (2021). Diego and Claudia prepare a party to show their friends their new house in Menorca. There, Diego recognizes a woman on a terrace who helped him overcome the death of his cousin. He decides to go looking for her without her girlfriend finding out about her and the meeting will change his life again. October 2nd

‘Thesis of a domestication’ (Tusquets)

Camila Sosa Villada

Considered one of the great names in current Latin American literature, the Argentine author brings this story of a trans actress who adopts a child with her husband, a homosexual lawyer. The little boy is HIV positive and was raised by his maternal grandparents, until his grandfather killed his wife and then committed suicide. The novel will have a film adaptation. November 2

‘Everything comes back’ (Editions B)

Juan Gomez-Jurado

After everything burns (2022), the Madrid writer returns to bookstores with this new thriller, in which he is accompanied, once again, by Aura, Sere and Mari Paz, three women who have lost everything, including their fear. This is the seventh book of the Red Queen framework and, as the author himself often recalls, the second of phase 2 of the universe. October 24th

The writer Juan Gómez-Jurado publishes 'Everything burns' (Ediciones B)

The writer Juan Gómez-Jurado during the presentation of his last book

Daniel Duch

‘Delta’ (Seix Barral)

Gabi Martinez

Hand in hand with the resources of great reporting and the best fiction, this story was born with which the Barcelona author intends to warn of the social and environmental challenges faced by an endangered ecosystem such as the Ebro delta. 4th of October

‘Damned Rome’ (Editions B)

Santiago Posteguillo

The great literary project of narrating the life of Julius Caesar continues. After the enormous success of Rome is me (2022), the best-selling novel last year in Spain, the Valencian writer now brings the second part of this saga that invites the reader to witness great battles, such as his confrontation with Spartacus in the slave rebellion, and the birth of of one of the key characters in the life of the Roman emperor: Cleopatra. November 14th

‘Of love and war’ (Planet)

Pillar Eyre

War and exile always leave their mark. The Barcelona author takes the reader to the year 1939 to prove it, just when the Spanish civil war gives its last bites and when an Italian bombing takes the lives of Román’s parents, who decides to marry Beatriz, a young woman from a well-to-do family. But everything is turned upside down when he has to flee to France. There appears Teresa, a young communist with whom he begins a relationship full of secrets. September 20

Pilar Eyre, with Fender

The writer Pilar Eyre, with Fender

Xavier Cervera

‘The year the devil was born’ (Seix Barral)

santiago roncagliolo

The writer brings to bookstores a historical thriller marked by corruption and witchcraft and set in Peru in 1623. That year, during a night of war, the devil materializes and becomes flesh when a novice gives birth to a horrifying beast with two heads, a forked tongue and eight limbs. October 11th

‘Otaberra’ (Blackie Books)

Elisa Victoria

What happened in 1989? Renata, the protagonist of the new book by the Sevillian writer, returns to that year again and again. There is no present that exists for her since time was stopped in Otaberra. After the great success oldvoice (2019), the author returns to establish herself as one of the great voices of literature in Spanish. August 30th

‘I, who was a dog’ (Galaxy Gutenberg)

Antonio Soler

There is no better way to enter the mind of a manipulator than by reading his diary. For this reason, the writer from Malaga decides to recreate the daily life of a medical student who carefully contemplates all the movements of his girlfriend. He analyzes her gestures, her going out of the house, her company and even her clothing, which provokes anger, jealousy or complacency depending on the point at which the turbulent and obsessive relationship is. An opportunity to enter the thoughts of the one who believes he is the sole owner of the beings with whom he shares his life. September 13th

‘You also live from images’ (Taurus)

Carlos Saura

In February 2023, the world mourned the death of the filmmaker. There were multiple recognitions that he received throughout his career, such as the National Film Award or the Goya de Honor. In addition, he was nominated for the Oscars and the Golden Globes. He always remained restless, even leaving the almost finished manuscript of some memoirs that he once said he would never write and that will arrive shortly in bookstores. September 7th

The filmmaker Carlos Saura in an image in Rome, in 2009

The filmmaker Carlos Saura in an image in Rome, in 2009


‘The secret nature of the things of this world’ (Anagram)

Patrick Pron

Escape, loss and family are three topics that interest Patricio Pron a lot. The Argentine writer publishes for the first time with Anagrama and focuses on Olivia, a woman who is invaded by memories of her father who disappeared from her while he was driving. A dangerous combination if one is behind the wheel. 4th of October

‘The best person’ (Today’s Topics)

Xavi Puig

The co-founder and director of The World Today debuts with this novel that follows the life of Antonio Camuñas, a sensitive but misfit man, who recovers part of his self-esteem thanks to a new relationship. His partner will give him the strength to face the therapy sessions that his boss has prescribed, in which they recommend joining the gym and adopting a cat. No one suspects that these apparently daily acts will activate the gear that will lead him to become an accomplice in a dark plot. September 6

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