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The United States women’s team came out this Sunday with a new show of support for Jenni Hermoso, a player for the World Cup Spain team who received a kiss without consent from the president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales.

Through a statement posted on the USWNT X account All the members of the US team unified their position due to the situation in Hermosor, emphatically rejecting any sign of harassment.

On Women’s Equality Day and on any other day, we support female players. Celebrating the process is an empty victory if job security remains a battle. Women deserve to have healthy working conditions, without harassment ”, was part of the message they published.

Besides, They also expressed that their show of support is not only towards Hermoso but also towards all those who suffer from this and other similar situations..

“We support Jenni Hermoso, the Spanish players, and all the soccer players around the world who are fighting for these protections #with youjenni,” the note added.

The statement from the US team comes after several NWSL teams such as the San Diego Wave, Orlando Pride, Kansas City Current and the Houston Dash, competed in recent days wearing bracelets with the message ‘With you Jenni’.

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