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Media expectation for the opening of a lead box that was found in May at the West Point Military Academy in the United States.

The box, about 30 cubic centimeters, was discovered during the restoration of a monument in honor of the hero of the War of Independence Thaddeus Kosciuszko. That led to speculation that there were objects inside in honor of Kosciuszko or of the life of the cadets in the late 1820s, when the monument was erected. Would there be musket balls, student messages, or clues to historical mysteries?

The public expecting to see military relics or historical documents taken out of the box, saw experts open the lid and announce that there was only a layer of sediment at the bottom.

“I’m a little disappointed. We had prepared a lot for this,” said Paul Hudson, a West Point archaeologist. “And to tell you the truth, this was the last result I expected with all the trouble that went into creating that box and placing it on the monument.”

The disappointing results of the live inauguration drew comparisons to Geraldo Rivera’s televised discovery of Al Capone’s vault in 1986. Indeed, academy officials joked about the possibility before the official opening.

“I was told yesterday that if we had a sense of humor, we would have asked Mr. Rivera to be here with us,” said General Shane Reeves, the academy’s academic dean.

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