Keeler: Is Heisman Trophy his to lose? Only one man can stop CU Buffs star Travis Hunter right now. And that’s Deion Sanders.

BOULDER — Only one man in the free world can stop Travis Hunter. And that’s Deion Sanders.

“He gets upset,” Sanders, coach of the No. 22 CU Buffs and king of the college football world, said Tuesday. “Like I told he and (CU running back) Dylan (Edwards), ‘I don’t want to see (you) practicing until Wednesday.’ So they’re gonna start work (Wednesday), which gives them a few days off to get their body recuperated.”

TH12 set college football back years in Week 1. And by years, we mean decades. According to charting, the lithe, smooth, 6-foot-1 sophomore celebrated his Buffs debut by logging 144 snaps for CU — 80 at cornerback and 64 at wide receiver.

Context: The NCAA record for FBS team offensive plays a game is 118. The FBS mark for combined plays, by two teams, is 209.

“He’s different, as the young folks say,” Coach Prime said. “He’s phenomenal.”

You want a Power 5 debut? Try 119 receiving yards on the road against the defending national runner-up, 11 catches, one interception, one pass breakup. If the Heisman Trophy means what it says on the base and goes to the most outstanding college football player in the country, that’s easy.

There’s Hunter. Then there’s a hole you drive Russell Wilson’s Ram 2500 through. Then there’s everybody else.

“He’s a freak athlete,” TCU offensive lineman Patrick Willis, who played with Hunter last fall at Jackson State, told me last week before the Buffs tussled with the Frogs in Fort Worth. “He’s a great kid. He’s doesn’t go out to parties … doesn’t go out to (clubs) and do any of that stuff.

“Travis plays football, goes home, stays in, has fun at home. He’s one of those guys who just loves the game of football. He’s uber-talented. He can do anything on the field, offensively, defensively, and he’s just a good kid. He’s a great kid to be around.”

Willis also said Shedeur Sanders was legit; Coach Prime cares more about offensive line play than you think; and that CU had the goods to be all kinds of scary, right from the jump. Three for three.

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