US TV news anchor Cornelia Nicholson unknowingly introduces her own marriage proposal on set

A US news anchor unknowingly introduced her own marriage proposal while she thought she was recording a TV promo.

Tennessee-based presenter Cornelia Nicholson thought she was recording a news segment for the weekend show on Local 3 News, when she realised she was introducing boyfriend Riley Nagel for a “very special report”.

Nicholson looked shocked as Nagel, who is also a reporter at the station, walked out holding a bouquet of flowers and a ring box.

He said he thought “it would be fitting to ask you this question here since we met in news”, before getting down on one knee and asking: “Cornelia Nicholson will you marry me?”

Fighting back tears, Nicholson replied: “I’m going to cry, yes!”

Nagel told viewers how the pair met while working in news almost four years ago, describing how he was “very drawn” to his now-fiancée.

He said: “You have such an amazing personality and you’re so bright. You always light up the room when you come in and make everyone laugh. You’re incredibly talented, especially in news – I think anyone that watches you knows that.”

“You’re pretty much the main reason I’m still in news today and you’re always pushing me to be better,” he added.

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The couple shared a kiss and hug after getting engaged.

Nicholson later posted on the social media site X, formerly Twitter, to share a video of her proposal, saying it was “the most perfect day”.

She wrote: “Thank you to all my friends/coworkers who helped hide this from me and make it happen!”

Asked by one X user how producers managed to keep the proposal a surprise, Nicholson said the script was hidden in an earlier rundown and switched over just before she was due to read it.

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