Vegas homeowners want justice, answers after neighborhood peacock dies from arrow wounds

Residents of a Las Vegas neighborhood want justice and answers in the death of their pet peacock “Pete” this week after he was shot with a bow and arrows.

There are no suspects yet in the slaying. Animal cruelty is a misdemeanor with penalties of up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. Las Vegas Animal Protection Services is soliciting information on possible suspects.

“Animal Protection Services is hoping that someone will come forward, because there is no suspect at this time,” City of Las Vegas spokesperson Margaret Kurtz told KVVU-TV Friday.

The homeowner’s association of the gated Castlegate neighborhood where Pete lived has also asked residents to provide any security footage that could help find the bird-slaying bowman.

Resident Felicity Carter found Pete Monday. An arrow was sticking out of the fowl, who was resting against a fence.

Neighbors rushed Pete to a veterinarian that works with exotic animals, even looking into a possible blood transfusion with another peacock. It was then discovered that, in fact, Pete had been shot twice. Ultimately, the bird would die of its wounds.

“The vet called and said that he had actually been shot twice. Once in the neck, that went completely through and through, barely missing his jugular and his esophagus, and then the body cavity shot that was actually stuck in him still,” Ms. Carter, the resident who first found Pete, told KVVU-TV.

Ms. Carter told the Associated Press that Pete’s owner, who she did not name, decided to keep Pete after the peacock randomly showed up at his doorstep. 

Since then, Pete had become known to residents, who saw him checking himself out in the chrome decals of cars, to mailmen and landscapers that drove carefully to avoid hitting him, and to the garbage men, whose truck he chased dutifully every Tuesday, Ms. Carter and others related to the AP.

Ms. Carter remains dumbfounded that someone could do something like killing Pete and hopes the culprit is caught.

“This was just such a senseless crime, and I don’t understand how anybody can just be so morbid and just shoot a defenseless animal. I will not stop until I find out who did this to him. We have to do something for Pete,” Ms. Carter said to KVVU-TV.

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