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Video: Tama Tonga Makes WWE Debut on SmackDown, Attacks Jimmy Uso with Solo Sikoa


A seismic shift occurred in the Bloodline ranks Friday during SmackDown as Tama Tonga made his WWE debut and helped Solo Sikoa attack Jimmy Uso:


WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!<br><br>Jimmy Uso just got taken out by…TAMA TONGA?!?<a href=” <a href=”


🤯🤯🤯<br><br>EVERYTHING just changed for <a href=” <a href=” <a href=”

The Bloodline is still reeling from Roman Reigns’ loss to Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania XL, ending his streak of 1,316 days as the WWE Universal champion.

With that in mind, Sikoa spoke about the need for consequences in the aftermath of that loss and how they need to bring about change. He then hugged his brother, Jimmy Uso, before Tonga snuck in from behind to attack him.

Tonga is the nephew and adopted son of former WWE and New Japan Pro-Wrestling star Haku, who is very close with The Rock. The People’s Champion even refers to Haku as his uncle.

Tonga has spent the last 14 years in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, winning the IWGP Tag Team Championship belts seven different times. He is also one of the founders of the Bullet Club stable.

Tonga and Sikoa appear to be calling shots for the Bloodline right now. Sikoa notably took Paul Heyman’s phone and stomped on it when he tried to call Reigns.

And then in a backstage segment, Tonga said, “By orders of the Tribal Chief” when Heyman was being interviewed about the health of Jimmy Uso and what had just transpired in the ring. A visibly shaken Heyman appeared fairly confused and in the dark about the whole thing.


“What the hell does that mean?!”<a href=” is going through it right now…😬<a href=” <a href=”

So it’s clear Tonga has burst onto the scene with some power behind him as the Bloodline enters a new era post-WrestleMania.


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