‘We Need a Miracle’: Pennsylvania High School Football Player Collapses During Game


A high school quarterback in Pennsylvania was rushed to the hospital Friday night after he suddenly collapsed on the field.

Mason Martin, the quarterback for Karns City High School, began staggering during the third quarter of Karns’ game against Redbank Valley High. Referees noticed Martin’s unsteadiness and took action.

“I had to talk to him, and when I asked if he was alright, he told me, ‘No,’” referee Mike Vasbiner told the Butler Eagle. “So, that’s when I knew something was wrong.”

Soon after that discussion, Martin collapsed and was airlifted to a local hospital. The game was suspended.

The player’s family told Pittsburgh’s KDKA-TV that Martin suffered a “significant brain bleed as well as a collapsed lung.” The family told KDKA Martin was involved in a hit or tackle and continued playing defense, seemingly unhurt. However, after coming back on the field following the extra point, Martin began wobbling.

The Martins gave a more extensive update on their son’s condition, which was relayed by the team on social media.

“Mason remains in critical condition with little change over the last 36 hours,” the message reads. “The truth is we need a miracle. I’m not saying that to sound grim, but to let you know that we need the strength of your prayers.”

A prayer vigil is being held for Martin on Sunday night at the Karns City’s stadium.


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