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That gray hair and white hair are in fashion is nothing new. For years now, women as spectacular as Jane Fonda, Helen Mirren, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ángela Molina, and Judi Dench have flaunted silver hair on red carpets. This trend, far from being defended only by mature stars, has managed to attract much younger women, who have chosen to abandon the dye and let their hair wave naturally. One of the latest has been Mónica Naranjo, 49, who at first with long hair and now short, wears an extreme platinum blonde bordering on white.

Jennifer Aniston with her line for white hair

Jennifer Aniston with her line for white hair


A couple of years ago, Andie MacDowell surprised with her characteristic curly hair with a novelty: full of gray hair. The always stylish Princess Caroline of Monaco also succumbed to this trend. But it is that in recent times, many other well-known faces with ages well below 60 years have joined the fashion for gray, pearly and white hair. This is the case of the 42-year-old model Laura Sánchez, who two years ago switched from blonde to silver and has not regretted it; Also the actress Eva Isanta, 52, is a regular at the gray blending The wicks balayage that achieve a more uniform effect on the hair and that shades gray hair.

The actress Eva Isanta ('There is no one who lives here')

The actress Eva Isanta (‘There is no one who lives here’)


Recently, another wave of artists have shown their gray hair without qualms. Jennifer Aniston, 54, owner of one of the most coveted hair on the screen, and who has precisely launched a hair care line with her brand Lola Vie, surprised her followers by promoting one of her products with semi-collected hair and you could see some white tufts. Gwyneth Paltrow, 50, has also appeared in a video for her style brand Goop, with her long hair up and showing some gray. And it is that she no longer takes to hide them, but to show them off. The actress Sarah Jessica Parker, 58, mixes them with her long blonde hair, in her daily life and has lent them to her character Carrie Bradshaw in the second season of and just like that .

Actress Andie MacDowell at the the L'Oreal Light on Women Award Dinner during 76th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France on May 26, 2023.

Andie MacDowell, at the last Cannes festival, has long opted for gray hair.


The actress, model and businesswoman Laura Sánchez

The actress, model and businesswoman Laura Sánchez


With extremely dark hair, where the gray hair stands out much more, Salma Hayek, 56, appeared a few days ago on her Instagram profile. The actress published a very close-up before her 25 million followers where her gray hair could be seen: “Me waking up and counting how many wrinkles and gray hairs sneaked into the party this morning,” she wrote.

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The silver hair trend has also reached generations of young people like Billie Eilish (21), Lady Gaga (37), Hilary Duff (35) and Rita Ora (32). Because wearing white hair is no longer synonymous with aging.

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