Owner reveals what her dog does each morning that makes her day—”Highlight”


While getting up in the morning isn’t always easy, this dog owner has shared how her Bernese Mountain dog makes it her favorite time of day.

When Emma Mckean wakes up each morning, she’s greeted by Olive, patiently waiting right outside her bedroom door. As soon as 4-year-old Olive sees her owner, her tail starts wagging and there’s no way of stopping it.

Mckean, from Melbourne, Australia, told Newsweek that Olive has been doing this for around a year, and it makes her feel “like the luckiest person ever.”

“Olive waits outside my bedroom door in the morning, and I usually hear her arrive about half an hour before my alarm. She’s waiting for me to get out of bed so she can greet me,” she said. “Every day she does that cute little run down the hallway back to her bed, ready for morning cuddles. It’s the absolute highlight of my day.”

Olive greeting owner in the morning
Olive, the Bernese Mountain dog, loves greeting her owner first thing in the morning. Olive waits outside her owner’s bedroom for at least 30 minutes, as it’s become her new daily routine each morning.

Waking up to a happy, smiling dog can make starting the day much more pleasant. In fact, many owners even love opening their eyes to see their dog first thing in the morning, as a survey by the American Kennel Club (AKC) highlights that 45 percent of dog owners will let their pooch sleep in the same bed as them. So, not only do they get their love and affection during the day, but they’re by their side all through the night too.

According to the AKC’s survey, other owners prefer to keep some distance during the night however, as 20 percent of respondents said their dog sleeps in a crate, and 17 percent sleep in their own dog bed. Dogs certainly have an array of places to sleep, and many of them will be happy to snooze just about anywhere.

Mckean added that Olive will sometimes be waiting for up to an hour for her to wake up, but this doesn’t make her any less excited. Once she starts to wag her tail with sheer joy, “she can barely walk” because she’s so excited to see her owner.

The video showing the “best part” of Olive and Mckean’s day was shared on the dog’s dedicated TikTok account (@olivethebmd) on August 30, and has already amassed more than 33,700 views.

“The social media reaction has been very positive after I shared it to both my TikTok and Instagram. Olive is truly my best friend,” Mckean said.

Among the many comments on the video, one Tik Tok user wrote: “Those little toe beans waiting for you,” before replying to praise “the full body wag” too.

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