‘Which lane do I use?’; Lamar, W. 6th draw concerns over confusing traffic lanes

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Confusing traffic lines are causing concerns on one of Austin’s busiest roads.

Drivers tell us they don’t know which lanes to use on a stretch of Lamar Boulevard which is just south of Barton Springs Road.

“Cars stopping, not knowing where to go, honking at each other, not knowing where to go,” said Isaac Rodriguez who lives on Lamar. “A lot of mass confusion there.”

Confusion over lanes that can be hard to recognize.

“Do you follow the white lines or the black lines,” said Rodriguez.

“There are a lot of lines along the road that can cause a lot of confusion, especially for people who are not the best of drivers,” said Cydney Tutchton, who lives near Lamar.

Hunter Leipham, who uses the road, said the lines can be confusing.

“I drive on it a decent amount and even I don’t know which lane you are supposed to be in,” said Leipham.

Construction on a new building has shifted the lanes in this stretch of the road.

KXAN asked the City of Austin if there were any plans to restripe the area soon, this was the response we received:

“The contractor is responsible for restoring the roadway striping as part of their final restoration for the site development when the project is completed. Regarding the temporary roadway striping, individuals can contact 311 to report a construction concern in the public Right of Way. Our inspector will conduct a site investigation at the subject location and notify the contractor of any concerns.”

City of Austin Transportation and Public Works Department

KXAN also asked if there have been any complaints about Lamar and received this response:

“The City received feedback in April, and an inspector confirmed that everything was set up according to the submitted traffic control plan. We have since received some additional feedback, and currently have an inspector at the site location. Their initial findings show that everything appears to be set according to the Traffic Control Plan, although the temporary markings could be refreshed. The inspector is notifying the contractor to get those markings updated.”

-City of Austin Transportation and Public Works Department

Rodriguez said he hopes to see some changes soon, but he is also worried about other areas like West 6th street near San Antonio Street, where there are similar issues with old and new traffic lines.

“I definitely do think it is a danger,” said Rodriguez.

If you notice issues or have concerns about a roadway in Austin you can contact 311 to report concerns.

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