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‘X-Men ’97’ Star Teases ‘Wild Ride’ For Disney Plus Reboot

X-Men ’97 is an upcoming reboot of X-Men: The Animated Series for Disney Plus. Lenore Zann, who’s set to voice Rogue in the series, teases a truly wild ride for fans.

X-Men ’97 is set to be the first official project starring mutants produced by Marvel Studios (unless you count Ms. Marvel on Disney Plus). It’s also set to revive the widely beloved X-Men: The Animated Series, with many stars like Lenore Zann returning to reprise their roles. According to Zann, who plays Rogue in the series, the show is set to be a wild ride for fans:

“It’s fantastic to get this opportunity to re-inhabit the character of Rogue who is my favorite character I’ve played to date,” Zann told Toonado. “I’m grateful to the fans for their loyalty and support for our original series – and for my performance – which has made this possible…And I’m also grateful to Beau DeMayo and Charley Feldman from X-Men ’97 for insisting I come back as Rogue…As usual, Rogue will go through a lot in X-Men ’97. Like me, she’s a passionate woman who can’t help wearing her heart on her sleeve. So, buckle up for a wild ride!”

X-Men ’97 certainly seems to be shaking the status quo of, not just X-Men: The Animated Series, but the mutants in general. With Professor Xavier gone to an alien world, Lenore Zann’s Rogue and the other heroes have to step up to fight back Mr. Sinister, or risk being brought to the brink of extinction.

What can fans expect from X-Men ’97?

The final episode of the original series saw the X-Men saying goodbye to Charles Xavier as he left with Lilandra to visit the Shi’Ar homeworld. X-Men ’97 will pick up where the original series left off and promises to feature some of the most iconic villains from the X-Men universe, including Mister Sinister, Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw, Callisto and Valerie Cooper.

Fans can look forward to the return of some of their favorite voice actors from the original series, including Cal Dodd, Lenore Zann, George Buza, Adrian Hough, Christopher Britton, Catherine Disher, Chris Potter, Alison Sealy-Smith, and Alyson Court. In addition, X-Men ’97 will include the voice talents of Jennifer Hale, Anniwaa Buachie, Ray Chase, Matthew Waterson, JP Karliak, Holly Chou, Jeff Bennett and AJ LoCascio.

X-Men ’97 was originally slated to premiere in the fall of 2022, but has been pushed back with no official release date. With Marvel reducing its Disney Plus output, X-Men ’97 is now expected to debut sometime in 2024.

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